Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future

February 17, 2023 | Tags: Community and Diversity

Scholarships often bridge the gap between students and higher education. For more than two decades, Medical Mutual has provided critical dollars to help fund these essential sources of financial aid. For one recent scholarship recipient, the recognition was nothing short of humbling.

An Unexpected Chance

After a series of unfortunate family events, Margaretta Middle School student Isiah began his seventh-grade year in foster care. “There was a time when I lived in a homeless shelter, dependent upon food pantries and soup kitchens. I moved in with my uncle, who cared for me for most of my life.

Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after,” Isiah said. It was then he entered the foster system.
On a typical school day, Isiah moved through his morning routine before school, unaware that several hours later, his life would get an unexpected chance.

A New Start

Kathy Hall, a Margaretta School District Administrator, and her husband welcomed Isiah into their home after she heard his story that same morning. Shortly after, 16-year-old Isiah became a permanent member of the Hall Family.

After being adopted, Isiah became involved in sports, excelling in cross country and swimming. He became a member of the school choir and theater program, eventually becoming a student government representative and thriving in his academic courses. Kathy and her family believed in Isiah and watched him gain a renewed sense of self.

More Than Money

It was partly due to this academic success that Isiah was awarded one of Medical Mutual’s $10,000 scholarships. A surprise for both him and his mother.

“I couldn’t believe it when I received the call from Frank,” Kathy said when referencing Medical Mutual Regional Vice President Frank Bloomquist. “It was worth more than dollars to me; at that moment, it meant that someone else believed in Isiah as much as I did.” She added.

Isiah is wrapping up his freshman year as an Exercise Science major at the University of Findley. His academic performance continues to place him at the top of his class and his extra-curricular life is thriving, participating in student government and more.

When asked how the scholarship impacted his first year of college, Isiah quickly pointed out that it also meant more than just money. “To say it’s an honor to represent Medical Mutual through this scholarship is an understatement. I have more than just my family and myself to be successful; I have others who believe in my ability and expect great things. It motivates me and I won’t let you down.”

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