Medical Mutual focuses on your well-being by offering programs that promote healthy lifestyle behaviors, including a full range of healthcare services and tools. Review our educational resources to help you reach your wellness goals.


Online Tools

Many of our online tools are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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My Health Plan, our online member portal, gives you tools and resources that let you access information about your health plan, medical conditions and a wide range of fitness and wellness information.

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With My Care Compare, our interactive cost estimator, you can look up medical services, treatments and procedures to find out how much you will pay before you go to the doctor.


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To get started with our online tools, log in to My Health Plan.

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Manage Chronic Diseases

Medical Mutual’s Disease Management Program offers you additional support if you’re dealing with a chronic medical condition. Learn more about what Medical Mutual can do to help you with your specific condition:

Take control of your asthma
Take control of your diabetes
Coping with COPD
Learn how to live with heart failure



Medical Mutual’s maternity program offers personalized plans to help women have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Find out more about what Medical Mutual can do to help you with your pregnancy.



As a Medical Mutual member, you have access to discounts for many valuable health products and services.

Weight Watchers - save almost 50% off standard rates when you join or renew your membership
GlobalFit - access to over 10,000 fitness clubs
Curves - fitness club designed specifically for women - 5% off entire exercise equipment and free shipping - 15% off everything you need to baby proof your home
Beltone Hearing Aids - up to 20% off hearing aids - 20% off yoga apparel, mats and more

Learn more about Medical Mutual and our commitment to the community.