When you partner with Medical Mutual, we do everything possible to make your day-to-day work easier, and that starts with making ourselves available to help.

Mike Backus, a broker we’ve worked with for the past eight years, knows how important this is. “Accessibility to Medical Mutual’s staff is a huge deal when it comes to managing my day-to-day business. Accessibility to underwriters and sales support staff makes a difference. It’s convenient and makes my job easier.”

We’re here to help you and your customers create a solution that meets their healthcare needs, and sometimes that means thinking outside the box. According to Mike, “Medical Mutual doesn’t generally force you to take everything as black and white. There’s always the opportunity to discuss a situation. For me, as a broker, that’s the biggest thing.”

Making your day-to-day business easier also involves stability. Straightforward plan designs and competitive pricing play an important part in helping you build your book of business. Because we maintain these high-quality products, you can maintain your business.

Mike agrees, “The thing I like about Medical Mutual is that renewals are stable. I give them a ton of credit for that. The fact that renewals are so stable helps a broker build and maintain a solid book of business.”

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