Did you know at least 50 percent of an organization’s healthcare costs are linked to employees’ unhealthy lifestyle choices? Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and alcoholism cost employers hundreds of millions of dollars yearly in higher premiums, lost productivity and increased absenteeism.

At Medical Mutual, we focus on the well-being of your employees by offering a full range of healthcare services and tools. Support every stage of your employees’ wellness efforts with Medical Mutual’s educational materials and hands-on health initiatives. Learn more about how you and your employees can benefit from our wellness programs.

SuperWell® Wellness Program

To encourage your employees to get well and stay well, Medical Mutual offers a comprehensive suite of initiatives designed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors. Whether an employee is interested in fitness club discounts or additional insight into his or her health status, Medical Mutual provides services that address a full spectrum of wellness objectives. Learn more about our SuperWell Essential and Impact, Extra and Add-On offerings.

Disease and Maternity Management

Medical Mutual offers education and support to employees who are pregnant or diagnosed with a chronic condition. Provide your employees with benefits such as customized educational materials, proactive treatment plans and 24-hour access to our maternity hotline, at no additional cost to your business.

Case Management

When your employees are dealing with a serious illness or injury, they can use personalized advice and assistance to help them cope and work toward improving their overall health and wellness. Medical Mutual’s Case Management Program provides exactly what they need.