Small Group

Running a small business doesn’t mean you have to provide small benefits to your employees. Our variety of small group health plans are priced right so you can give your team reliable coverage at affordable prices.

When you partner with Medical Mutual, you can offer big health benefits to your team—no matter how small your business may be. Let’s take a look at your options.

Consider Our Compliant Affordable Care Act Plans

We offer a variety of compliant Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans to choose from. Our adjusted community rates can only vary based on an employee’s age, location and tobacco use. To help control costs, we have customized offerings available, so your employees choose from a list of ACA plans you select.

Look into a New Self-funding Option

Self-funded plans offer rate stability and flexible plan options, and you benefit from the preferred health status of your group. We offer self-funded plans that include stop-loss coverage to help minimize risk and control costs. We’ll help you every step of the way to effectively manage overall costs. Medical Mutual offers two ways for small businesses to self-fund their health benefits.

As Part of a MEWA or Chamber of Commerce

We partner with several professional and trade associations and metropolitan-area chambers to offer healthcare coverage through multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWA) plans. These plans let employers pool their contributions and risk to offer attractive and affordable health benefits to their employees. We offer a wide range of MEWA plans to suit the type of business you’re in.

With Balanced Solutions

Balanced Solutions is our unique approach to self-funding. Plans are available to groups with 10 to 50 enrolled employees and include a variety of deductible amounts and stop-loss levels. We determine your maximum self-funding cost for the year, so you know what your fees will be upfront. If your claims are greater than projected, your costs won’t exceed that upfront maximum.

Network News

Our MedFlex™ health maintenance organization (HMO) plan is now available to small groups. This includes 29 hospitals, hundreds of care sites and more than 2,800 primary care physicians and specialists.

In addition, our CLE-Care HMO plan is now available to small groups headquartered in Cuyahoga County.

Please contact your broker to learn more about the health systems, hospitals and providers in the MedFlex and/or CLE-Care networks.

Need More Information?

We make getting help easy, with a variety of ways to get more information.

  • Download our Small Group ACA, Balanced Solutions or COSE MEWA brochure for more details before you talk to your broker.
  • Contact your broker for more details. If you don’t have a broker, we can help you find a reputable one through our broker network. Call us at 1-440-878-5930.
  • Request a healthcare quote today.

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