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Bike riding is a great summer activity in Ohio, but buying a new bicycle can be intimidating. Our customer, Century Cycles, offers a few tips for buying a new bike.

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Buy from a Local Bicycle Shop

You’ll find bikes built by professional bike mechanics, which are typically safer and function better. You’ll also find helpful and friendly advice to make the right purchase, like the right bike, the right size and the right accessories.

Most shop-quality adult bikes start around $350, depending on how often you plan to ride. You should also budget for additional accessories. Depending on your needs, you'll probably want to spend $50 to $200 for accessories.

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Consider Where and How You Want to Ride

There a lot of questions to ask yourself before you buy a bike. Here are just a few to think about:

  • Do you plan on riding your bike on public roads or bike baths?
  • Will you be riding alone or with family and friends?
  • Do you want to enter races or ride for your own enjoyment?
  • Will you ride every day or just a few days a week or month?
  • Will you ride year-round?
  • Will you need to carry all of your own gear?

There are bikes that handle each of these situations. By being prepared to answer these questions, you'll make it easy for an employee to help you find the bike that meets your needs.

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Test Ride Two or Three Models

Make sure to test ride more than one model. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing – preferably the same clothes you'd actually wear to ride the bike. If you don't have cycling-specific clothes, wear comfortable clothes that won't interfere with bike parts.

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Let Bike Shop Staff Pick Your Right Size after You Pick Your Bike Model

Most bicycles come in different frame and wheel sizes, and buying the correct size bike is the most important factor. Once you've decided on a specific bike model, the bike shop will work with you to choose the correct size. You can also have any necessary adjustments made so it fits you perfectly.

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Remember Essential Accessories

The first accessories to consider are a helmet, kickstand and water bottle holder, but there are many other accessories that may be helpful (depending on how you plan to ride your bike). In some cases, you'll actually save money if you buy these at the same time as your bike. Century Cycles gives you a 10 percent discount on accessories with the purchase of a new bike.

Learn more about buying a new bike by visiting Century Cycle’s website.

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