The first step you should take when considering buying a health insurance plan with the help of federal subsidies is estimate how much your subsidy will be. Use our Tax Subsidy Estimator to do just that. If you plan on using a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance, Medical Mutual has options. We offer comprehensive coverage and your choice of several copay and health savings account-compatible plans to meet your needs.

Copay Plans

These health insurance plans offer comprehensive benefits.

Health Savings Account (HSA)-Compatible Plans

When you combine it with an HSA, an HSA-compatible plan puts you in control and lets you gain tax benefits.

Deductible with Coinsurance Plans

Our Silver Deductible with Coinsurance plans offer coverage you're looking for, like doctor appointments and prescription drugs.

Dental Plans

Learn about our dental plans and the additional benefits it can add to your health plan.

American Indian Plans

Learn more about the plans Medical Mutual offers for American Indians.

Subsidy Estimator

You may be able to lower the costs of your health insurance coverage.

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This calculator shows expected spending for individuals and families in a Silver Plan who are eligible to purchase coverage in the Federally Facilitated Exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Under the law, the maximum contributions to premium will be based on modified adjusted gross income, while estimates in this calculator are based on the annual income entered by the user. Based on the information you provide, you can estimate your monthly premium payments and also estimate how much you may receive in federal assistance. Please remember this is just an estimate.