When you think about your health, you might not think about your mouth, gums and teeth. But did you know that your dental health has a big impact on your overall health? That’s why more and more people are choosing to get dental insurance. Medical Mutual offers quality dental insurance. With more than 70,000 dental locations in our network you'll get the care you deserve with the dentist you want.

When you need dental care, you want to see a dentist you’re comfortable with. That’s why you want to make sure your dental insurance network offers you the freedom to select any dentist within the network for the most coverage or outside the network with some coverage. With the DenteMax network, the choice is always yours:

  • Choose any dentist you want, in or out of the network (coverage will differ)
  • No need to select a primary dentist
  • You and your family members can select different dentists
  • No need for referrals for specialty care

Please note: Pediatric dental benefits are included in the Dental 1, Dental 2 and Dental 3 plans. The pediatric age limit is 18.

  • Dental 1 Plan

    The Dental 1 Plan has the highest deductible, but you will enjoy the highest level of coverage for basic and major services.

  • Dental 2 Plan

    The Dental 2 Plan has a lower deductible than Dental Plan 1, but you will pay more for basic and major services.

  • Dental 3 Plan

    The Dental 3 Plan has a low deductible, but this plan does not cover major services.

  • Pediatric Dental Plan

    Pediatric dental coverage is available for people up to age 18. Our plans cover preventive care, basic services, major services and medically necessary orthodontia.