Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is your first stop for medical care. Your PCP will perform a physical exam, help you complete recommended screenings or immunizations and discuss any other important considerations about your health.

Tips for a successful visit

Review this list of things to consider before your next PCP appointment.

You may print off and fill out this checklist by clicking here. Take it with you the next time you see your PCP.

Make note of these important things to tell your doctor about:

  • Any health or life changes since your last visit
  • Any symptoms you are experiencing
  • All medications you are taking: prescription, over-the-counter and supplements

Physical health checklist:

  • Any problems with keeping your balance or walking, or recent falls?
  • Does your health limit activities like pushing a vacuum, climbing a flight of stairs or enjoying activities like playing golf?
  • What is your exercise level? How much and what type of exercise is right for you?
  • Any leaking of urine (incontinence)? Does it keep you close to home or interfere with your sleep?

Emotional health checklist:

  • Are you having any anxiety or stress due to COVID-19 or other factors?
  • How is your energy level?
  • Any problems with memory loss?
  • Have you been feeling calm and peaceful or down and blue lately?
  • Are you feeling lonely or isolated? Who is there to support you?

Important health checks you and your doctor should complete:

  • Check your weight
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Get any needed immunizations/shots
  • Check if you’re due for any cancer screening tests
  • Ask about a hearing test