12 Days of Wellness

December 12, 2022 | Tags: Wellness

The holiday season can be full of joy, but it’s also a busy time in which we can get lost in the hustle and bustle and our best intentions for good wellness habits often go astray.

That’s why Medical Mutual is providing you with the resources to give yourself — and your well-being —a gift this holiday season. Follow along with our 12 Days of Wellness to help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Each day leading up to Dec. 24, we’ll unwrap another helpful tip. Happy holidays!

Day 1: Make Time for a Check-up

Now is a perfect time to make an appointment for your annual wellness check. Finish off this year — or start the next — by making your preventive care a priority. Call your primary care provider today. Consistent preventive care can add years to your life. That’s a gift everyone would love.

Day 2: Light Up Your Walk

Bundle up and take a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood to see the holiday lights. All the twinkling and sparkle are good motivation and just might put an extra spring in your step. Walking is great aerobic exercise and offers several health benefits.

Day 3: Give Back

We are in the season of giving, so it’s the perfect time to help those in need or a nonprofit organization in your community. Make a monetary gift, donate your time or help out in some other way. It feels good to give back!

Day 4: Get Your Rest

Are all the holiday parties and endless errands exhausting you? Check out these tips so you get better sleep. Try to plan your schedule to allow for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. That way you have the energy to keep making merry the next day!


Day 5: Choose Smart Seasonal Snacks

Our Medical Mutual Wellness experts advise eating nutritious snacks to sustain your energy between meals. Instead of reaching for that sugary treat or comfort food as a snack, try some festive fruits, such as clementines, apples or pears. 

Day 6: Try a Healthy Holiday Recipe

The holiday season is filled with celebrations and special meals. You don’t have to miss those special occasions, but you can try to give some your dishes a more healthful spin by substituting ingredients. Try out this recipe for pasta carbonara.

Day 7: Drink Up - Your Water

When you think of holiday beverages, water might not come to mind. Give your health a gift, though, and make sure to get your daily intake of this simple elixir that’s vital to your health (every cell, tissue and organ needs water to work properly). How much water should you drink a day? That depends on many factors, so stay informed.

Day 8: Soak up the Sun

December includes the shortest day of the year, but be determined to make it merry and bright by getting outdoors to get some sunshine. Sunlight can boost your mood and ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D. Wintertime is primetime for seasonal affective disorder, too, so it’s important to get enough light. 

Day 9: Be Kind

The holidays can be stressful and isolating for many people, so spread joy by giving the simple gift of kindness. Give your time to check in with a loved one or friend. Connect with a stranger by striking up a friendly conversation. Something as simple as paying a compliment can make a big difference — even for the giver!