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May 19, 2021 | Tags: Employee benefits

A benefits package can be an integral part of retaining your qualified employees while keeping them productive and satisfied. It can also help you compete for talent and be viewed as an employer of choice. Here are top five things to consider when building a competitive benefits package:

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Comprehensive Coverage

Fully integrated benefits protect your employees and keep them satisfied. Combining health coverage with other specialty products, like dental, life, disability, vision and more provides your employees with the best coverage at an affordable rate for you and them.

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Single-carrier Advantage

Working with one company for employee benefits means zero hassle. This alleviates the need to coordinate customer service or resources with multiple providers. Plus, employees will have consistent communications and tools that make it simple to understand their benefits.

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Extra Value

Your employees deserve benefits that go above and beyond. Find products that offer value-added services, such as grief counseling or employee assistance program (EAP) services, at no cost to them.

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Extensive Network Options

When employees need care, they shouldn’t have to look far. Networks with a statewide or even national presence, in addition to high-quality facilities and providers, can make all the difference.

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Local Sales and Services

As a smaller business, you understand the impact of keeping things local. Not having to coordinate with sales and customer service teams all over the country or even overseas can make a big difference in the experience your business and your employees have.

By partnering with Medical Mutual, you can get all five and more—from our comprehensive health and wellness programs, to our broad and narrow network options and local Sales and services based right here in Ohio. To learn more about our group health and specialty plans, talk to your broker or Medical Mutual Sales representative today.