MedMutual Pet – A New Pet Wellness Program Available on ACA Individual and Family Health Plans

November 04, 2022 | Tags: Insurance Education

Your Individual and Family health plan should cover everyone in your family, including your four-legged friend. With MedMutual Pet™ – powered by Wagmo – you can relax knowing the wellness services your dog or cat needs are covered under your ACA Individual and Family plan. As a part of this program, you’ll get reimbursed up to $350 for routine pet care like wellness exams, vaccines, blood work and more. You’ll also have the flexibility to use any veterinarian you choose, while having no restrictions around your pet’s age, breed or pre-existing conditions.

When you sign up for MedMutual Pet, you’ll get reimbursed for the following services:

Routine Care


Routine Exam (1 per year)

Annual Wellness and physical exams

Up to $100

Vaccines (2 per year)

Rabies, as well as booster shots

Up to $100

Routine Blood Work (1 per year)

Standard blood panels, CBC and more

Up to $100

Fecal Test (1 per year)

Up to $50

Total Value



Get Started Today

Once enrolled in an Individual and Family plan, log in to your My Health Plan account to enroll. Only one pet is eligible per plan.