Interoperability in healthcare allows computer systems and software to communicate and share information providers and insurance carriers collect about a person’s health. Interoperability makes it easy for app developers to create connections with Medical Mutual. These connections give our Medicare Advantage and Individual ACA members the option to share their healthcare data and history with doctors, hospitals and caregivers through apps on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Having this kind of information at our members’ fingertips can lead to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Medical Mutual has provided a simplified way for third-party apps to access members’ healthcare data when members give consent to share their data with an app.

Information for Members

If you are a Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage or Individual ACA plan member, learn about privacy and security when you give permission for apps to access your healthcare data.

Developer Portal

If you are an app developer, learn how to connect with Medical Mutual.

Provider Directory API

To search for in-network providers, you can access the Medical Mutual Provider Directory API via an app of your choosing.