August 26, 2012

From The Beacon Journal
By Jared Chaney
Executive vice president, chief marketing and communications officer Medical Mutual of Ohio

The way we see it, the Akron area offers many reasons for economic optimism. Akron has quality manufacturing and health-care infrastructures, in addition to good collaboration among government, business and civic entities. The Akron BioMedical Corridor, which Medical Mutual helps fund, puts the Akron area in a strong global position for developing, testing and marketing medical devices.

Doing our part to spur Akron’s economic growth, Medical Mutual’s “Mutual Appreciation” program encourages our 2,400 employees to “buy local” from our retail business customers in Summit County and all of Ohio. Since January, our employees’ purchases total almost $5 million.

Medical Mutual is also investing in jobs and its future in the Akron area, where it employs more than 100 people. We will soon make an announcement about a move into downtown Akron. This, on top of Medical Mutual’s donations to local organizations, such as our recent $5 million contribution to the Akron Community Foundation, helps maintain a vital, economically healthy community.

No doubt, a healthy economy is the result of a healthy work force and Medical Mutual continues to help Akron-area employers hold the line against higher health-care costs with our nationally recognized employee wellness programs.

All of these elements contribute to the economic health of the Akron area and continue to play a vital role in our ability to compete effectively against other U.S. regions and globally.