June 27, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Business Group on Health, a nonprofit association of large U.S. employers, today honored Medical Mutual and its Family of Companies for commitment and dedication to promoting a healthy workplace and encouraging workers and families to support and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Medical Mutual was among 66 U.S. employers that received the 2012 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award at the Leadership Summit sponsored by the National Business Group on Health’s Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being. Medical Mutual received a Gold Award for its SuperWell Wellness for Life program.

Developed in 2003, the SuperWell program has matured into a successful, comprehensive, integrated and results-based initiative intended to encourage healthy behavior. “SuperWell keeps our employees engaged,” explained Paula Sauer, Medical Mutual’s Senior Vice President of Pharmacy and Care Management. “It supports four categories of wellness: health promotion, health education, healthy weight maintenance and nutrition.” Sauer also said the major risk areas of tobacco cessation, physical activity, stress, healthy weight maintenance and nutrition are targeted.

The SuperWell wellness initiative is fully endorsed by senior leadership, administered by a dedicated Wellness Team and recognized by employees as a core component of the company culture. Medical Mutual encourages sustained program participation while shifting focus to concrete, measurable outcomes–a reduction in health risks and annual economic analysis. Goals are integrated into program objectives, vision/mission statements and an operating plan. The initiative includes incentives integrated into the benefit plan, a structured point-based Rewards program and an internally developed wellness portal.

Helen Darling, President and CEO of the National Business Group on Health, commented: “We are very pleased to recognize Medical Mutual for its ongoing commitment to providing lifestyle improvement programs that encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees. Medical Mutual and its management team should be proud for their dedication and recognizing the importance of promoting and maintaining a healthy workforce. We congratulate them on receiving this award.”

Winners of the “Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles” awards were honored in one of two categories: Platinum, for established healthy weight, healthy lifestyles” programs with measurable success and documented outcomes; or Gold, for creating cultural and environmental changes that support employees who are committed to longterm behavior changes.


About Medical Mutual: A trusted insurer for more than 75 years, Medical Mutual of Ohio is the oldest and largest health insurance company headquartered in the state of Ohio and its Family of Companies has operations in Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina. As a mutual company, Medical Mutual operates for the benefit of its members without being required to meet the demands of stockholders or Wall Street analysts. Instead, the company focuses on developing products and services that allow it to better serve its customers and communities. Visit us at: MedMutual.com.

About the National Business Group on Health: The National Business Group on Health is the nation's only non-profit, membership organization of large employers devoted exclusively to finding innovative and forward-thinking solutions to their most important health care and related benefits issues and to being the voice for large employers on national health care issues. The Business Group, whose 345 members include 64 of the Fortune 100, identifies, develops and shares best practices in health benefits, disability, health and productivity, related paid time off and work/life balance issues. Business Group members provide health coverage for more than 55 million U.S. workers, retirees and their families. For more information, visit BusinessGroupHealth.org.