May 14, 2013

Akron – Medical Mutual of Ohio is partnering with hospitals, physicians and other medical providers in the area to create Summit Select, a narrow network of doctors and hospitals designed for Summit County employers who want to lower employee premiums and claims costs.

Summit Select primary care providers tie a portion of their reimbursement to the cost and value of the care they deliver to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time in the right setting.

This narrow network includes a select group of providers who have demonstrated quality care by focusing on patient-centered care and evidence-based medicine, which result in better outcomes including shorter hospital stays and reduced readmissions.

The initial offering of Summit Select began in April for new self-funded or fully insured customers headquartered in Summit County with 51 or more enrollees. Companies headquartered outside of, but with locations in, Summit County also qualify. Summit Select is expected to be available to groups of 50 or fewer enrollees later in 2013.

The product will offer customers three levels of coverage with members receiving the highest value from using Summit Select’s network of hospitals, doctors and medical providers.

“Summit Select’s network providers concentrate on preventive care to help ensure healthy patients remain healthy,” said Don Pirc, vice president of Medical Mutual Network Management. “In addition, providers are incented to manage those with chronic conditions more effectively.”

Pirc noted that Summit Select also includes membership discounts for enrollees who join certain fitness centers such as the Akron General Lifestyles wellness center.


About Medical Mutual: A trusted insurer for more than 75 years, Medical Mutual of Ohio is the oldest and largest health insurance company headquartered in the state of Ohio and its Family of Companies has operations in Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina. As a mutual company, Medical Mutual operates for the benefit of its members without being required to meet the demands of stockholders or Wall Street analysts. Instead, the company focuses on developing products and services that allow it to better serve its customers and communities.