Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) provide tax benefits for your company, while helping employees save money for qualified medical expenses on a tax-advantaged basis.

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Why Choose Medical Mutual

Our Medical Mutual FSAs integrate with our healthcare benefit plans, allowing you to efficiently manage your benefits and FSA, while eliminating the need to release protected health information (PHI) to a third-party administrator (TPA). In addition, we provide:

  • A superior claim auto-substantiation rate of over 90 percent
  • 24/7 access to an employer portal for on-demand reporting
  • A team of Ohio-based implementation experts

The following funding options are available:

  • Debit Card-Enabled FSA — works just like a standard debit card for qualified expenses. Your employees have easy access to their funds at the point of sale/service. Our auto-substantiation feature minimizes the need for employees to submit receipts.
  • Claims Integration FSA — after medical claims are processed, FSA-eligible expenses are automatically filed against the FSA account and payment goes directly to the employee. 

How an FSA Saves Your Company and Your Employees Money

FSAs give both your company and your employees great tax-saving benefits. As an employer, you won’t pay FICA tax on any dollars contributed by you or your employees to an FSA. Your employees benefit by using pre-tax dollars to pay out-of-pocket expenses for eligible medical, dental, vision, dependent care, parking and transit expenses. To see how much you can potentially save, check out the calculator on the right side.

Medical Mutual FSA Options

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – This FSA allows employees to pay for eligible healthcare expenses on a pre-tax basis. As a result, it reduces the amount they pay for federal income tax, FICA tax and, as applicable, state income tax.
  • Limited-purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA) – The LPFSA is available for companies that offer an HSA. The LPFSA is designed to complement the HSA, and may be established to pay for eligible vision and dental expenses. Medical expenses are not permitted because the tax-favored HSA is used to pay those costs.
  • Dependent Care/Elder Care Account (DCA) – The DCA allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for day care expenses for a dependent child or adult. Eligible services include nursery school, nanny, and before and after school care/day camps through age 12, day care for a disabled adult or child and elder day care for a parent or dependent.
  • Parking Reimbursement Account (PKG) – The PKG allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified workplace parking expenses.
  • Transit Reimbursement Account (TRN) – The TRN allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified workplace mass transit expenses.

Additional FSA Benefits

Why choosing a Medical Mutual FSA makes sense.

  • Medical Mutual Debit Card – Our card provides a convenient way for your employees to pay for eligible expenses and allows for automatic funds management if you elect other Medical Mutual CDH products. Depending on the plan type, the card gives employees access to funds without the need to submit claims and wait for reimbursement.
  • Integrated Online Accounts – With single-sign on access, employees can manage their Medical Mutual benefits, FSA and other CDH accounts (if elected) through My Health Plan, our secure member website. 
  • Section 125 Plan Document Support – We can provide compliant plan documents to support our CDH products. Fees may apply.
  • AccountLink Mobile App – Employees can view account balances and profile information, submit claims and more from our mobile app. Visit MedMutual.com/AccountLink for information.
  • Member Education Resources – We offer a variety of support materials pre and post enrollment based on your company’s needs.

How Much Could You Save?

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