Workplace Wellness Programs

Because a healthy workplace is a happy and productive workplace, our wellness programs are designed to provide health information and engagement opportunities to help your employees achieve their healthy living goals. View our workplace health programs below to learn more about available benefits.

Basics Program

Our Basics program is provided to all Medical Mutual groups at no additional cost. It focuses on education and health programs while providing employees with tools to help them learn about their overall health and their risk for developing chronic conditions. The program seeks to help employees improve lifestyle behaviors through the following elements:

  • Enhanced member dashboards to easily track progress
  • An NCQA-certified health risk assessment
  • Syncing with wearable fitness devices
  • An online university offering video-based health improvement classes
  • Group and individual health and wellness challenges
  • A library of healthy reference content and recipes
  • Variety of member educational tools and services available through the app as well as targeted mailings, brochures for workplace and on-site health fairs, our Healthy Outlooks newsletter and more

The Basics program also includes access to a variety of supporting services and programs:

Wellness Portal 

Medical Mutual’s wellness portal acts as the gateway into many other health and wellness programs and services. The site offers interactive resources and tools to help employees make lifestyle changes and set and achieve health goals.

Health Assessment

Our online health assessment analyzes the employee’s daily health habits, health history and current medical information. Each employee receives a personalized set of recommended behavior changes to help improve his or her overall health.


Our QuitLine program helps tobacco users quit for good with one-on-one coaching, a personalized quit plan and educational materials. Participants can receive a supply of nicotine replacement therapy at no charge.

WW® Program

Medical Mutual members can enroll in a WW program at a discounted rate of nearly 50 percent off standard membership fees.

Fitness Discounts

Medical Mutual members enjoy reduced enrollment and/or monthly fees at participating local and national fitness clubs through the Curves® and GlobalFit® networks.

Member Discounts

All Medical Mutual members have access to valuable discounts on a variety of products and services, including fitness and health products, hearing aids, yoga accessories and more.

Healthy Outlooks Newsletter

Healthy Outlooks offers in-depth articles on important health issues, as well as tips that help your employees fully benefit from the discounts and programs available through their Medical Mutual plan.

Prevention Program

The Prevention program includes all the features of the Basics wellness program with an additional focus on driving participants to their primary care providers. It also offers your organization a predefined wellness program built on best practices that can be easily implemented. You have the opportunity to select one of two established designs that allow participants to accumulate points that earn rewards:

Prevention Digital

Prevention Digital includes functionality and tracking to incentivize participants who choose to participate in healthy activities accessible through our wellness portal.

Prevention Provider

Prevention Provider encourages preventive care to help participants better understand their health numbers, while strengthening their relationship with a primary care provider who will set health goals for them to attain.

The Prevention program also includes a variety of communication materials and offers the guidance and support of a dedicated Wellness Program Manager.

Achievement Program

The Achievement program allows employers to customize a wellness platform specific to their needs. It includes all the features of the Basics wellness program, plus it allows you to set biometric goals. This program design includes incentives for participants to receive preventive care, make lifestyle improvements to impact their well-being, and set goals to reduce overall health risks. It also includes the outcomes-based option of rewarding participants for achieving biometric target goals.*

The Achievement program offers employees an individualized wellness portal experience through targeted resources and recommendations based on biometric data, lifestyle behaviors and gaps in preventive services.

The program design leverages the interactive features of the wellness portal allowing your employees to achieve the highest level of engagement. Your group can offer incentives for any of the following:

  • Health assessment completion
  • Online Health University classes
  • Individual and group challenges
  • Biometric screening participation
  • Biometric goals
  • Preventive screenings and exams
  • Self-reported activities

In addition, you can add your logo to the portal and communication materials for a personalized approach. Our strategic account executives and program managers support your program with an experienced team of seasoned experts. Our wellness program managers will work with you to target the specific activities that will best meet the wellness needs of your employees. They will also help determine appropriate incentives for participation and then assist you with implementation and evaluation.

*Medical Mutual’s programs are legally compliant outcomes-based designs and include full administration of the reasonable alternative and appeals process. We recommend you review the selected program option with your legal counsel to identify any potential risks and liabilities, and to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.