Why Work with Us?

Whether your focus is small group, large group or individual business, there are many choices out there for health insurance plans you could recommend to your clients. So, you might ask, “What makes Medical Mutual different?” The answer is a lot.

Dedicated Sales and Service

For brokers, we segment our support staff into units dedicated to specific group sizes. If you are working with a prospective large group, small group or even an individual, you’ll have access to a team of Medical Mutual professionals who focus on that market. Then, once a customer, we service your clients’ business in the same manner – with dedicated teams.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

You want to make life as simple as possible for your clients, and that’s not always easy when you have to put together a benefit package that includes a variety of products. Medical Mutual offers everything you need to assemble an attractive package that provides health, dental, vision, prescription drug, life insurance benefits and even wellness programs that all can be integrated seamlessly and managed efficiently. We help you make life easy for your clients. And, for your self-insured clients, we offer third-party administrative services that give them the personal service they deserve.

Access to providers is key to making a sale. Your clients want to see their doctor. With Medical Mutual, you can give them that assurance. In addition to comprehensive products, Medical Mutual provides your clients with our extensive, proprietary provider network.

Mutual Matters

Medical Mutual uses our mutual status to your and your clients’ advantage. Because we are a mutual company, we price our products to cover claims and administrative expenses. We do not aim to make a profit or satisfy an investor dividend. This allows us flexibility in our products and provides you with an attractive portfolio of products to offer.

It also lets us offer your clients more, like our Mutual Appreciation program. With Mutual Appreciation, 2,600 Medical Mutual employees are encouraged to do business with the customers you sign with us.

Become a Medical Mutual Appointed Broker

Interested in becoming a Medical Mutual appointed broker? Contact us for more information.