Complex processes and procedures can slow down your business, which is why we do everything we can at Medical Mutual to make things easier for you. Ron Fleeter, a broker who has spent close to two decades working with us, agrees.

“I think Medical Mutual is very easy to do business with. There’s not a lot of red-tape to get through. There aren’t all of those procedures you see with some of the other carriers.”

And, being a smaller company has its benefits. “Because Medical Mutual is a little bit smaller, it’s easier to move faster and react faster if any issues come up,” Ron said. “For example, on a renewal, if you have a question or concern, you can make a phone call and within a day, you get an answer. I feel comfortable with everyone I work with. It’s not a stuffy organization. It has a good feel to it.”

Fast, quality service is something we pride ourselves on when working with our broker partners, and Ron has seen this in action, “If you need to expedite an application, it gets done. And it gets processed right away. It doesn’t matter how many times you call others, it still takes days. That’s not the case with Medical Mutual.”

At the end of the day, it’s about making our customers happy. Ron agrees, “Medical Mutual’s processes are very efficient and they make sense. Employers are happy. Brokers are happy.”

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