Effectively integrating and managing your employees’ prescription drug benefits can lead to substantial improvements in your employees’ health and in your company’s balance sheet. Medical Mutual partners with Express Scripts to cover all your pharmacy and prescription drug needs. Using Express Scripts’ programs and services, you and your employees can manage the costs associated with prescription drugs.

My Rx Choices® – Give your employees the opportunity to compare medications they are currently taking to lower-cost alternatives available under your group’s plan. My Rx Choices provides personalized cost-saving opportunities specific to your plan, including alternatives ranked by lowest cost, brand-to-generic and/or retail-to-mail options (if available) and over-the-counter options for more than 200 prescription drugs.

Formulary Drug List – All insurance plans have a list of prescription drugs they cover, known as a formulary. Please review our 2018 Basic/Basic Plus Formulary for non-ACA plans and our 2018 High Performance Plus Formulary for ACA plans, which are effective January 1, 2018. These formularies are our standards for all plans with our prescription drug benefits administered by Express Scripts. We also offer the 2018 National Preferred Formulary for some self-funded group customers (restrictions apply). This formulary excludes certain drugs. All Express Scripts formularies are also available online as interactive tools that display the formulary status of every medication. Your employees can visit the Express Scripts website through My Health Plan to see the status of their specific prescriptions. Please keep in mind that coverage of certain drugs may be subject to a group’s coverage management rules.

Low-Cost Generics List – Your employees can view a list of generic medications available in up to a 90-day supply for just $10.

Specialty Drug List – Specialty drugs are used to treat rare or complex conditions and may require special handling. Depending on your plan, your employees might have a different copay or coinsurance amount for specialty drugs. Note: The Specialty Drug List is subject to change.

Order Refills – Your employees can submit requests for mail-order refills and monitor the status of their prescription shipments, online, by phone or by mail. They can also ask their provider to submit a refill request by fax.

Smartphone App – This free app allows your employees to discuss lower-cost medication options with their providers while still in the exam room and request prescription refills and renewals from their phone

Prescription History – Lets your employees view secure information about their past prescriptions.

Pharmacy Locator – This tool helps your employees find a participating pharmacy near their home, office or daily commute. Access to the pharmacy locator is available through My Health Plan or directly on the Express Scripts website.