Including Medical Mutual’s advanced pharmacy management with your medical plan gives you access to a variety of innovative programs that go beyond drug discounts to improve clinical outcomes and member experience. This helps ensure you are effectively managing both your employees’ health and your overall healthcare expenses. 

A brief overview of many of these programs is available here. Additional ways Medical Mutual helps you and your employees manage prescription drug benefits include:

Formulary Drug List – All insurance plans have a list of prescription drugs they cover, known as a formulary. Review our standard 2020 formularies here: 

Review our 2021 formularies here: 

Covered employees can also view your plan’s selected formulary through My Health Plan as an interactive tool that displays the formulary status of every medication. Please keep in mind that certain drugs may be subject to coverage management rules.

Online Resources – By visiting the Prescription Drug Benefits page on My Health Plan, covered employees have access to a variety of resources to help them manage their prescription needs:

  • Order refills – Your employees can submit requests for mail-order refills and monitor the status of their prescription shipments, online, by phone or by mail. They can also ask their provider to submit a refill request by fax.
  • Prescription history – Lets your employees view secure information about their past prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy locator – This tool helps your employees find a participating pharmacy near their home, office or daily commute. 

In addition, a smartphone app allows employees to discuss lower-cost medication options with their providers while still in the exam room and request prescription refills and renewals from their phone.