Tax Savings for Employers and Employees

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great way for groups and their employees to save money. FlexSave is Medical Mutual’s Flexible Spending Account program.

How Your Employees Can Save Money with FlexSave

FlexSave allows your employees to put a portion of their pre-tax income into a separate account they can use throughout the year to pay for:

  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Commuter expenses
  • Other FSA-eligible expenses

FlexSave Gives You Even More

Employers and their employees benefit from Medical Mutual’s FlexSave because of our local customer service, state-of-the-art administrative system and fast, accurate claims processing. In addition, employers and flex plan participants have access to customized websites that address their specific healthcare and flexible spending needs.

Learn more about FlexSave program by calling 800.525.9252.