If one of your employees has an unexpected illness or injury that limits his or her ability to work for an extended time period, long-term disability insurance can help.

Many people think savings or Social Security will be enough to help a disabled worker cover expenses. Unfortunately, most Social Security disability claims are initially denied and savings are usually not enough to cover expenses for a long period of time. Long-term disability coverage can help by replacing monthly income.

Group long-term disability insurance plan benefits include:

  • Residual disability (partial disability) – pays a percentage of the employee’s total disability benefit if he or she becomes partially disabled.
  • Full family integration – integrates long-term disability benefits with applicable Social Security benefits.
  • Dependent education* – provides a monthly benefit to help cover education costs if an employee is disabled and has an eligible dependent student.
  • Extended care* – pays an additional benefit to the employee if he or she must stay in an extended stay facility.
  • Dependent care* – gives an additional benefit to the employee if he or she is disabled and has a dependent who needs dependent care.
  • Personal care assistance – provides the employee with a monthly benefit at the end of the maximum benefit period if he or she loses the ability to do two or more daily activities.
  • Employee assistance program* – offers services for employees and their families experiencing personal and professional issues and helps employers manage the workplace issues they face. This program is available for everyday and crisis situations.
  • Workplace modification – reimburses employers who must make special accommodations to allow a disabled employee to return to work.
  • Vocational rehabilitation – gives assistance and coordination with return-to-work services.
  • Lump sum survivor benefit – if the insured dies while receiving benefit payments, the spouse or unmarried eligible children can qualify for a lump sum survivor benefit.

*Please note: These benefits are optional and not included in our standard policies. You can add these benefits for an additional cost.

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