Small Business Health Plans

When you partner with Medical Mutual, you can offer big health benefits to your team—no matter how small your business may be. We have a variety of health plan options to meet the needs of you and your employees, including fully insured and self-funded plan options. 

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Fully Funded Small Business ACA Plans

With our fully insured Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans, premiums can only vary based on an employee’s age, location and tobacco use. To help control costs, we have customized offerings available, so your employees choose from a list of plans you select.

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Self-funded MEWA Plans

Multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs) plans let employers pool their contributions and risk to offer attractive, affordable health benefits. We offer a wide range of MEWA plans through our partnerships with the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), regional chambers and professional trade associations.

COSE MEWA-affiliated Chambers

  • Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Richland Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Toledo Chamber of Commerce
  • Wyandot Chamber of Commerce

Professional Trade Organizations

  • The Ohio State Medical Association
  • Ohio Dental Association
  • The Builders Exchange
  • Ohio Farm Bureau
  • Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers' Association
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Self-funded Balanced Solutions Plans

Balanced Solutions® is our unique self-funding option geared toward small employers who need a solution for dealing with fluctuating healthcare costs. Our Balanced Solutions plans:

  • Are available to groups with 10 to 50 enrolled employees
  • Include a variety of deductible amounts and stop-loss levels
  • Offer predictable costs - even if your claims are greater than projected, your costs won’t exceed your predetermined up-front maximum
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Additional Products

Consider offering additional products to strengthen your benefits package. Our options include dental, vision, life & disability products. If you are offering a high-deductible health plan option, you can also add on our health savings accounts and other spending accounts to help your employees manage medical expenses.

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Access to High-quality Doctors and Hospitals

Our health plans give your employees options when seeking care. We have a statewide PPO network with access to nearly every healthcare professional in Ohio and 99 percent of hospitals. We also offer narrow HMO networks in specific areas that can provide you additional cost savings.