The Achievement program allows employers to customize a wellness platform specific to their needs. It includes all the features of the Basics wellness program, plus it allows you to set biometric goals. This program design includes incentives for participants to receive preventive care, make lifestyle improvements to impact their well-being, and set goals to reduce overall health risks. It also includes the outcomes-based option of rewarding participants for achieving biometric target goals.*

The Achievement program offers employees an individualized wellness portal experience through targeted resources and recommendations based on biometric data, lifestyle behaviors and gaps in preventive services.

The program design leverages the interactive features of the wellness portal allowing your employees to achieve the highest level of engagement. Your group can offer incentives for any of the following:

  • Health assessment completion
  • Online Health University classes
  • Individual and group challenges
  • Biometric screening participation
  • Biometric goals
  • Preventive screenings and exams
  • Self-reported activities

In addition, you can add your logo to the portal and communication materials for a personalized approach. Our strategic account executives and program managers support your program with an experienced team of seasoned experts. Our wellness program managers will work with you to target the specific activities that will best meet the wellness needs of your employees. They will also help determine appropriate incentives for participation and then assist you with implementation and evaluation.

*Medical Mutual’s programs are legally compliant outcomes-based designs and include full administration of the reasonable alternative and appeals process. We recommend you review the selected program option with your legal counsel to identify any potential risks and liabilities, and to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.