More than ever, today’s employers understand the advantages of helping their employees stay healthy and fit. By supporting your employees’ physical and emotional well-being, you can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and foster a healthy, caring relationship with your internal team. At Medical Mutual, we promote healthy lifestyles by offering a full range of wellness tools and services. Our Essential Program provides resources to help you encourage and educate your employees on healthy lifestyles in and out of the workplace. Employees can also participate in programs that support healthy behavior such as tobacco cessation and weight loss plans.

By electing Medical Mutual health coverage, your covered employees have access to the following initiatives at no additional cost:

Health Assessment

The cornerstone of our wellness programs, the Health Assessment, develops a composite of each employee’s unique health status. This questionnaire collects in-depth data about your employees’ past health history, current medical information and daily health habits. Upon completion, your employees receive a personalized set of recommended behavior changes to help improve their overall health.

Medical Mutual’s aggregated reporting can assist you in selecting the appropriate wellness programs to improve and address your staff’s potential health risks.

Please Note: A 30-participant minimum is required for aggregated reporting.

Healthy Outlooks Newsletter

Healthy Outlooks offers in-depth articles on important health issues, as well as tips that help your employees fully benefit from the discounts and programs available through their Medical Mutual plan.

Health Mailings and Reminders

Based on their claims, prescriptions and Health Assessment results, your employees will receive educational materials about specific medical conditions and lifestyle issues, as well as reminders about missed services and recommended preventive screenings.

Personal Health History

Your employees can review and search within their own confidential, interactive, electronic medical history report.


Our QuitLine program is available to help tobacco users give up the habit for good by providing one-on-one coaching, a personalized quit plan and educational materials. In addition, a supply of nicotine replacement therapy is available to your employees to help maximize their chances of quitting.

Member Discounts

Your employees are offered discounts on a variety of items such as baby products, hearing aids, spas, wellness products and eco-friendly items.

Fitness Discounts

As members, your employees will save on memberships to local and national fitness clubs through our Fitness Discounts program.

Wellness Portal

Our Wellness Portal offers covered plan participants access to articles, videos and interactive tools to help them learn about their health and well-being, manage a condition and set personal goals to help them be the healthiest they can be.

WW® Program

To help your plan participants focus on eating healthier, increasing movement, losing weight and developing a positive mindset, Medical Mutual offers an upfront discount program for enrolling in WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Plan participants and covered dependents ages 18 and older can participate in Digital, Digital + Studio or WW for Diabetes programs at a discounted rate of nearly 50 percent off the standard cost.

In addition, we offer a WW program for plan sponsors who want to provide Workshops in the Workplace (formerly At Work Meetings) for their employees. Please contact your Medical Mutual Sales representative or broker for more information about this option.

WW is a registered trademark of WW International, Inc.