For employers seeking the most effective scope of wellness services and initiatives, our Impact Program targets wellness at the employer and employee level. With this program, your employees access all of the resources in the Essential Program and you, as an employer, gain the ability to customize a program targeted for your organization’s health risks.

For a nominal fee, if you have 51 or more covered employees, you can elect the Impact Program, which includes:

Customized Implementation Plans

You can receive a customized worksite wellness implementation plan based on your needs, with information on establishing goals, communications strategies and details on how to engage your employees.

Employer Wellness Toolkits

The toolkits walk you through the various steps of developing and implanting an effective workplace wellness program.


We send monthly emails focused on important health issues such as breast cancer awareness, preventive care and prenatal care. E-Tips can be distributed via email to all employees or can be posted on your company’s intranet site.

Member Action Plan

Your employees will receive individual member action plans to address risks identified by the Health Assessment, health screenings or administrative claims data.


A convenient one-stop shop for wellness news, tips, programs and more. Eligible members can access valuable health and wellness education, program enrollment information and interactive tools and trackers to help achieve their wellness goals. You can elect to track employee participation for the Health Assessment and health screenings to award points to earn rewards cards via the site.


Educational podcasts are delivered through the website about health and wellness topics like eating habits, stress management and fitness.

Wellness Coordination

Our Health and Wellness Coordinators are available to assist you with all phases of wellness programming, from assessment to implementation.

Health Series Posters

You receive Health Series posters to supply your employees with helpful health and wellness information. The posters highlight monthly health observances and timely topics.