Excellent service is easy to provide when you’re in the neighborhood. As the oldest and largest health insurance company based in Ohio, Medical Mutual prides itself on serving our neighbors and offering quality products and services.

Meghan Reed, a benefits administrator for more than 1,700 employees, believes working with a local company like Medical Mutual has its perks, “I think there’s value in having a local presence and local customer service. Our employees like to know that, when they make a phone call, the phone is ringing right here in Ohio. That makes a difference.”

Aside from being local, our company size also plays a role in providing excellent service. “The most positive thing about Medical Mutual is company size. It gives them the ability to offer a variety of resources, but it also allows Medical Mutual to work one-on-one with employers to provide customized solutions,” Meghan said.

So, what does excellent service look like in action? Meghan’s company recently held its open enrollment period, and Medical Mutual was there to help. “We offered two plan options for the first time. It was a new concept, and with 130 locations in 19 counties, getting the word out to all of our employees was difficult,” she said.

Medical Mutual visited Meghan’s company and helped produce an open enrollment video explaining the plan options, which was then turned into a DVD and shipped to the various company facilities.

Meghan was thankful the help she needed was local. “The fact that Medical Mutual could not only support our idea, but also provide the resources and help put our idea into action was great for us. That’s why Medical Mutual is a great company.”

And, the icing on the cake: Medical Mutual doesn’t just believe being a local, Ohio company means having an office here. It means giving back and being involved in the community. “Medical Mutual is a huge supporter in the community. They not only employ the people in our community, but they support community initiatives,” Meghan said.

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