At Medical Mutual, we’re proud of the quality, personalized service we provide. Our company size lets us meet the unique needs of our customers. Terry McGhee, the CEO of a large company with more than 250 employees, agrees.

“Service is the number one issue we look at. Our relationship with Medical Mutual has always been very good,” he said. “Their Account Managers provide great service.”

So, how does Medical Mutual add a personal touch? We think outside of the box to serve our customers. Terry saw this in action. An Account Manager from Medical Mutual meets with Terry’s employees each quarter to help them understand what coverage is available, what tools they should use and more. Employees also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the Account Manager to privately discuss specific questions.

“We meet in small groups so my employees get great, personalized service. It’s a small-group mentality, so people more comfortable asking questions,” Terry said. “It’s an educational process and it’s worked very well.

Overall, how does Terry think his experience with Medical Mutual compares to other carriers?

“I haven’t seen personalized service like Medical Mutual’s from anyone else,” he said.

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