How it Works

With offices throughout Ohio, our employees live, work and shop right in your community. When you become a Medical Mutual customer, you're automatically enrolled in our Mutual Appreciation program, and our 2,400 employees become your customers. Mutual Appreciation is a customer engagement and employee incentive program that motivates our employees and makes it easy for them to frequent your business.

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We Make It Easy to Find You

We market your business in our monthly newsletter, weekly bulletins and intranet page. Employees can easily find customers using our mobile app and comprehensive database.


Employees Receive Rewards

Employees earn points each time they make a purchase with a customer, like a frequent flyer program. They’re also incentivized with special contests, promotions and prizes.


We Market Your Business

We welcome you to visit any of our offices to market, sell products or offer discounts and coupons. We also track purchases and share results so you know just how much we appreciate you.

Need More Information?

For more information or to make sure your business is listed correctly in our database, please contact your broker or Medical Mutual sales representative. If you don't have a broker, use our Find an Agent tool to find a trusted broker in your area.

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