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We Make It Easy to Find You

Employees can easily find customer businesses using our mobile app and comprehensive database. We track purchases and can report results so you know just how much we appreciate your business.

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Employees Receive Rewards

Employees earn points each time they make a purchase with a customer, like a frequent flyer program. They’re also incentivized with special contests, promotions and prizes.

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We Market Your Business

We can feature your business in our internal communications or through promotions. We also welcome you to visit any of our offices to market, sell products or offer discounts to our employees.

See what some of our customers have to say

“Medical Mutual has always been so welcoming and helpful to our company. The Mutual Appreciation program helps grow our sales, especially at our slower times.”

- Peterson's Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

Did you know...

Medical Mutual has a customer engagement program? It's called Mutual Appreciation. We promote our customers' businesses and reward our employees for shopping with them.

“The Mutual Appreciation program has helped us bring in new visitors as well as repeat visitors. With the help of Medical Mutual, many new members and donors have joined us in support of our mission to educate, teach and inspire through the power of rock & roll.”

- Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

“Everyone at Medical Mutual understands the importance of relationships. They get it. And they never take their customers for granted. Geiger's, for now 87 years, has always believed in the same philosophy. It’s fantastic to see companies you do business with return the favor.”

- Geiger’s

“The Mutual Appreciation program is phenomenal. We receive terrific support from Medical Mutual. We repeatedly hear “thank you for being a customer,” from its employees each time we visit, which means a lot to us.”

- Davis Bakery