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Your Lifestyle. Your Plan.

Finding the best health insurance plan for you depends on your lifestyle and your plan. Each person has different priorities and goals in mind when it comes to health insurance. That is why it’s important to find a plan that matches your needs and lifestyle. Explore the lifestyle or situation below that best matches where you’re at now and get to know some people and the best health insurance choices for them and you.

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This calculator shows expected spending for individuals and families in a Silver Plan who are eligible to purchase coverage in the Federally Facilitated Exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Under the law, the maximum contributions to premium will be based on modified adjusted gross income, while estimates in this calculator are based on the annual income entered by the user. Based on the information you provide, you can estimate your monthly premium payments and also estimate how much you may receive in federal assistance. Please remember this is just an estimate.

  • Are You a Single Parent?

    Meet Cynthia, a hard-working, young single parent with a six-year old son. She needs affordable coverage, protection against healthcare emergencies and more. See what coverage is best for her and you.

  • Do You Have a Family with Kids?

    Meet Mary Anne and Christopher Kendrick, a growing family with two kids. They need comprehensive coverage, access to specialists and more. See what the best health plans are for them and your family.

  • Are You Single and On Your Own?

    Meet Kristen, a single, independent young women. She’s pretty healthy, but needs financial protection from big healthcare emergencies and affordable premiums. Explore what’s the best health insurance for her and you.

  • Are You Empty Nesters?

    Meet John and Linda, older parents whose son just moved out. They want to focus on saving for retirement now, but need comprehensive health insurance. Discover what's the best plan for them and you.

  • Are You Retired?

    Meet Kathy and Greg, a retired couple. They just enrolled in Medicare, but are worried about draining their retirement funds with out-of-pocket costs Medicare doesn’t cover. Find out what’s best for them and you.

  • Are You Between Jobs?

    Meet Ryan, a machine shop worker that is temporarily out of work. He’s confident he’ll be back to work soon, but needs low cost health insurance and protection from unexpected emergencies. See what’s best for him and you.