Statistics show men are less likely than women to visit a healthcare provider each year. But, regular preventive healthcare can help men (and women, too) live a long and healthy life.

The best way to stay on top of your preventive healthcare needs is to get a well-person exam each year. During your visit, your healthcare provider may talk with you about ways to stay healthy like counseling about healthy eating and exercise, sexual and mental health, injury prevention, misuse of drugs and alcohol, and help to quit smoking. You may also have certain screenings and tests.

General Adult Preventive Healthcare

The following are preventive healthcare screenings and tests that are beneficial for all adults:

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Please note: The information presented here is based on averages, so if you have a family history of a specific disease, or there are other factors that put you at higher risk, you should see your doctor more frequently to check for these conditions.

The recommendations in this article are not a replacement for your doctor’s advice. They are intended only as general guidelines for preventive care. Please consider the information presented here, but make sure to talk to your doctor about screenings and exams you may need now and on a regular basis, depending on your current health, family history and other individual factors.