Since 1934, Ohioans have trusted Medical Mutual to help provide peace of mind. We’re one of the state’s largest health insurance companies offering an array of excellent health insurance plans that can meet your needs and your budget. You may even qualify for a subsidy from the federal government to help you pay for your plan.  Use our subsidy calculator to help you determine if you do.

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Medical Insurance

We offer a variety of medical plans using our Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) networks. Plan options include both Copay Plans and High-deductible Plans, and all plans include prescription drug coverage.

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Dental Insurance

Your dental health can have a big impact on your overall health, which is why we offer a variety of plans to fit your needs with the quality of care you deserve. These plans include access to our SuperDental network, one of the largest networks in Ohio, featuring more than 4,000 dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and other specialists.

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Vision Insurance

Regular eye exams are important to you and your family's health, and they can help detect health problems and other conditions, like diabetes and glaucoma. Our affordable vision plan provides coverage for exams and eyewear or contact lenses. Like our dental plans, you can buy a stand-alone vision plan, or you can add vision coverage to a Medical Mutual individual health insurance plan.

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Short-Term Health Plans

Our short-term health insurance plans can help you bridge the gap in your healthcare coverage when you're going through a transition. Short-term plans can save you money, but they aren't compliant with the Affordable Care Act and they don't have coverage requirements. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered and you will be subject to medical questions and Underwriting approval.

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Accident and Critical Illness

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of an accident or critical illness with one of six plans available from Medical Mutual.

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Life Insurance

Providing your family financial peace of mind in the event of death or serious injury can be priceless. Life insurance plans protect your loved ones from financial hardships during these difficult times.

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Would you like to see if you qualify for financial assistance?

You may qualify to receive a subsidy, which is a tax credit that lowers your monthly premium. Check to see if you're eligible for these savings!