If you plan on using a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance during Open Enrollment, Medical Mutual has options. We offer several types of plans to meet your needs, including copay, high-deductible, deductible with coinsurance and HMO plans.

Not sure if you qualify for a subsidy? Try out our tax subsidy estimator.

PPO Copay Plans

Copay Plans offer fixed costs for office visits, prescription drugs and more. Medical Mutual offers gold, silver and bronze Copay Plans that you can buy when using a subsidy.

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PPO High-deductible Health Plans

These plans have a higher deductible compared to Copay Plans, but they also have lower monthly premiums. You can also pair many of these plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to gain more control over your healthcare expenses and enjoy tax benefits. If you're using a subsidy, Medical Mutual offers silver and bronze plan options.

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PPO Deductible with Coinsurance Plans

Deductible with Coinsurance Plans are silver plans that offer comprehensive coverage for office visits, prescription drugs and more. Medical Mutual offers several plan options based on what percentage of the federal poverty level you fall in.

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HMO Plans

An HMO (health maintenance organization) is a type of insurance plan where the network available is exclusive to one health or hospital system. With an HMO plan, you will enjoy lower monthly premiums than PPO plans. Medical Mutual offers both copay and high-deductible plan HMO options.

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