Staying healthy is important to you, which is why we created our wellness program. Our program encourages you to get well and stay well by helping you understand your health, identify risks and make positive lifestyle changes.

When you choose Medical Mutual health coverage, you gain access to these wellness initiatives at no additional cost:

Health Assessment

The cornerstone of our wellness program, the Health Assessment develops a composite of your unique health status. This questionnaire collects in-depth data about your past health history, current medical information and daily health habits. Upon completion, you receive a personalized set of recommended behavior changes to help improve your overall health.

Weight Watchers® Reimbursement

To help you reach your health and weight management goals, Medical Mutual offers a special reimbursement for completing a Weight Watchers meeting series. You and your dependents age 10 and older can participate in an At Work or Community Meeting series and be reimbursed up to $150 of your registration fees per calendar year.

QuitLine Program

QuitLine is available to help tobacco users give up the habit for good by providing one-on-one coaching, a personalized quit plan and educational materials. In addition, a four to eight-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy is available to help maximize your chances of quitting.

Fitness Discounts Program

As a member, you will save on memberships to local and national fitness clubs through our Fitness Discounts Program.

Healthy Outlooks Newsletter

Healthy Outlooks offers in-depth articles on important health issues, as well as tips that help you benefit from the discounts and programs available through your Medical Mutual plan.

Health Mailings and Reminders

Based on your claims, prescriptions and Health Assessment results, you will receive educational materials about specific medical conditions and lifestyle issues, as well as reminders about missed services and recommended preventive screenings.

Personal Health History

You can review and search within your own confidential, interactive, electronic medical history report.

Member Discounts

We offer you discounts on a variety of items such as baby products, hearing aids, spas, wellness products and eco-friendly items.

Health Resource Center

Our Health Resource Center offers interactive tools and quizzes and a searchable health encyclopedia to help you determine what’s holding you back from optimum health.