As an employer, it’s important you understand the Affordable Care Act and its effect on you, your employees and the way you approach purchasing health insurance. Medical Mutual provides simplified explanations of healthcare reform’s policies, provisions and impact on the insurance industry. View key changes that have occurred or that you can expect to see in the future in our What is Changing and When? section, or browse our healthcare reform timeline for a more detailed look at the Affordable Care Act’s provisions. If you’d like specific information about how healthcare reform is relevant to your small, mid-market or large business, Medical Mutual answers employers’ frequently asked questions in our Healthcare Reform for Small & Large Businesses pages. At Medical Mutual, we’ll help you stay on top of healthcare reform.


What Is Changing and When

Learn what changes are occurring and when as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Federally Mandated Fees Impacting Employers

Explore the federally mandated fees that are part of healthcare reform.

Healthcare Reform for Large Businesses

Insure your large business more efficiently and affordably by understanding the Affordable Care Act and the cost-savings opportunities it provides. Learn more about healthcare reform and its effect on your large business plan.

Healthcare Reform for Small Businesses

Wondering how the Affordable Care Act will affect your small business? Medical Mutual prepares you for healthcare reform by answering your frequently asked questions.

Small Employer Tax Credits

Learn more about small business tax credits now available through the Affordable Care Act.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage - FAQs for Employers

What does the Summary of Benefits and Coverage mean for me - an employer?  Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.