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Accident and Critical Illness Insurance Plans

While there is no way to prepare for illnesses or accidents, you can find comfort in knowing you have an extra safety net available with a Medical Mutual accident and critical illness plan — just in case.

Why Choose MedMutual Accident and Critical Illness?

Accident and critical illness coverage protects you and your family from costs resulting from emergencies and unexpected illnesses. These plans act as an additional layer of protection and help with expenses that your health insurance may not cover, including deductibles and copays, as well as personal bills. Plans can be purchased as a standalone benefit and do not require medical insurance to enroll.

MedMutual Accident™ and MedMutual Accident Plus™ Plans

Medical Mutual offers six simple and affordable Accident and Accident Plus plans that pays out a cash benefit when you experience an accident or critical illness. Coverage options are available for your family members as well.

MedMutual Accident and Critical Illness FAQs

Who can be covered under the MedMutual Accident or Accident Plus plan?
Medical Mutual offers coverage for individuals 18 to 64 years old, their spouses and any dependents. Eligible individuals must live in Ohio at least six months during the year.

What critical illnesses are covered under the Accident Plus plans?
MedMutual Accident Plus plans provide coverage for the following critical conditions: Heart attack, coronary artery bypass, stroke, life-threatening cancer, carcinoma in situ, kidney failure and major organ transplant.

Do I need accident and critical illness coverage if I have a life insurance?
No, but accident and critical illness coverage is different than life insurance. Accident and critical illness plans help pay the expenses that come from unexpected illnesses, while life insurance protects you and your family from financial hardship if you were to pass away. By combining accident and critical illness coverage with a life insurance policy you can be better protected.

Do pre-existing condition limitations apply to accident and critical illness coverage?
Yes, pre-existing condition limitations apply to accident and critical illness coverage. A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury for which you received treatment within a specified period of time prior to your effective date of coverage under Accident or Accident Plus plans. If you have a pre-existing condition, your coverage for that specific condition will begin after the following timeframe:

  • Critical illness – 12 months
  • Accident – 3 months

Any accident or critical illness that is not considered a pre-existing condition will be covered as soon as your coverage is effective.

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Accident and Critical Illness Claim Form

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This is not qualifying health coverage ("minimum essential coverage") that satisfies the Health Coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act. If you don't have minimum essential coverage, you may owe an additional payment with your taxes. 

Disclaimer: This information only provides a partial listing of benefits. This is not a contract for insurance. No person other than an officer of Medical Mutual may agree, orally or in writing, to change the benefits listed here. The contract or certificate will contain the complete listing of covered services.