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You’re used to having easy access to the information you need—wherever and whenever you want it. Managing your health plan is easy with our mobile app.

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Track Your Claims and Spending Information

Review your claims online, including details about the total amount billed, what Medical Mutual paid and what you are responsible for paying. You can also view other spending information, like your deductible, out-of-pocket costs and EOBs.

Determine Costs

With our My Care Compare feature, you can view cost estimates before you go to the doctor.

Find a Provider

Use your device’s GPS to find the nearest doctor, hospital or urgent care facility covered by your plan. Then, get directions from your current location. You can now also view quality and patient ratings for providers.

Access Your ID Card

You always have your ID card with you with our app. View the front and back of your card and call any of the phone numbers listed with just a tap. You can also email and fax your card to your provider.



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