It’s more important than ever to understand the health insurance options available to you and your family. Medical Mutual offers a variety of plans to meet your needs.

First, consider when you will be buying a health plan. Most people buy during the annual open enrollment period, which lasts from November 1, 2015, to January 31, 2016. You can also buy a health plan during other times of the year during a special enrollment period, but you must have a qualifying life event. Remember, you must purchase a health plan to avoid paying a penalty.

The next step you should take is to determine if you qualify for a subsidy, which can help you pay for health insurance. Use our tax subsidy estimator to see if you qualify and how much your subsidy will be.

Based on when you are shopping and if you qualify for a subsidy, use the links below to view Medical Mutual’s available plans.

I'm Shopping During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment ended on January 31, 2016. To enroll in a health plan, you must have a qualifying life event.

I'm Shopping During Special Enrollment

If you have a qualifying life event, you can purchase a health plan outside of open enrollment. This is known as a special enrollment period. You can view Medical Mutual's 2016 plan options below based on if you are using a subsidy or not.

I'm Using a Subsidy

I'm Not Using a Subsidy

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