Five Tips for Managing Your Remote Routine

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May 01, 2020 | Tags: Wellness COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, many people have had to adjust to a new way of living – staying at home. Although establishments across the state are slowly reopening, many people are choosing to continue social distancing in their home. These safety precautions are necessary, but isolation at home can take a heavy toll on your mental and physical health. That’s why it’s extra important to find ways to stay on top of your health and wellness routines.

Check out the different ways you can take care of yourself while social distancing in your home:

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Figure out your new “normal”

Most likely, this stay-at-home lifestyle is disrupting your typical routine. Create a new routine that incorporates some normalcy to promote productivity and wellness. If you typically wake up, shower, eat breakfast and get dressed for the day, continue to do so each morning. Be sure to map out time for meals, workouts, outdoor activity and mental exercises as well. By sticking to a routine each day, you can stay on track with work, household chores and self-care.

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Continue (or start!) your fitness journey

Staying active is essential to your overall health, but even more so when you are staying home and spending the majority of your time sitting. With no work commute and more time on your hands, now is the perfect opportunity to develop a regular workout routine. If you aren’t sure how to get started or are accustomed to working out in a class environment, many trainers and gyms are offering free virtual workouts during this time. Research the type of workout you are interested in and learn at-home modifications. Going for a walk or run outside is always a great option too!

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Prioritize a nutritious diet

Being home all throughout the day can lead to some unhealthy (and frequent) snacking habits. Try to stick to traditional meal times and stock up on healthy food items like fruits and vegetables that can be frozen or canned. You can prioritize a balanced diet by trying new healthy recipes to fuel your body and immune system. Don’t feel like cooking? Be sure to also research restaurants in your area and support local businesses.

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Fuel your brain

With the stress and anxiety that is caused by isolation and uncertainties, it’s important that you protect your mental health by practicing mindfulness. This can involve meditation and breathing exercises that allow you to process and cope with what you’re feeling during this unprecedented time. Another way to promote good mental health is to keep your mind sharp. Activities like puzzles, word searches, reading and more are great ways to keep your mind active instead of mindlessly binge-watching TV or movies.

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Stay in touch virtually

Although the country is practicing social distancing at the moment, that doesn’t mean you are alone. Plan out phone calls and virtual chats with friends and family and offer words of support. You could also eat meals together virtually or play a game over video chat to retain some sense of normalcy. Human interactions are essential to one’s mental health, so try setting a goal to talk to at least one other person outside your home each day.

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