How to Refresh Your Self-Care Tool Kit

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February 25, 2021 | Tags: Wellness Mental Health Medicare

If you’re feeling especially stressed or anxious these days, you’re not alone. We’re approaching the one-year mark of adjusting our daily lives in a pandemic and frustration or boredom is only natural. The experts at Medical Mutual have compiled this list of self-care suggestions for anyone looking for new ways to cope.

As you’ve probably noticed over the past year, your mental health plays an important role in your overall well-being. To make your mental health a priority, try incorporating some of these practices into your routine:

  • Safely connecting with family or friends through phone or video chats.
  • Staying active with a neighborhood walk or virtual fitness class*.
  • Keeping a regular schedule for meals and sleep.
  • Lowering feelings of anxiety by regularly “unplugging” from the news and social media.
  • Helping others by safely checking in on people, volunteering or donating to a cause you care about.

Winter weather may mean you’re staying inside, but you can make the most of the indoors by:

It’s okay to feel like you need extra support. If that’s the case, you may want to speak with a mental health provider. Most mental health providers are currently conducting appointments by telehealth for added safety and convenience. You can also call the Ohio CareLine, an emotional support service, toll free at 1-800-720-9616 (TTY: 711 for hearing impaired). Local behavioral health professionals are available 24/7 for confidential support in times of crisis.

If you’re a Medical Mutual member, view our Mental Health Appointment Guide to learn how to find a mental health provider and prepare for a visit. Most Medical Mutual members also have access to self-care resources such as exercise challenges, healthy recipes and meditation guides through the Bravo wellness portal. Log in to My Health Plan to find out more.

*Medicare members: Some Medicare plans, including MedMutual Advantage plans, offer access to no-cost classes with Silver Sneakers.