It’s never too soon to start preventive healthcare for your children. In fact, regular check-ups and screenings with your baby’s healthcare provider start just a few days after birth.

During these visits, your baby’s healthcare provider may talk about physical and emotional development, safety and injury prevention and a healthy diet. These checkups are also a good time for you to ask about any concerns you may have.

How Often Should My Baby Get Preventive Healthcare?

Your baby’s healthcare provider will recommend a schedule. Your baby’s first preventive care visit will occur when you’re still in the hospital, right after birth.

What Screenings Will My Baby Receive?

The type and numbers of screenings vary during each visit. Your baby may receive any of these preventive screenings:

  • Weight, length and head circumference
  • Development and behavior tests
  • Age-specific immunizations

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The recommendations in this article are not a replacement for your doctor’s advice. They are intended only as general guidelines for preventive care. Please consider the information presented here, but make sure to talk to your doctor about screenings and exams you may need now and on a regular basis, depending on your current health, family history and other individual factors.