Since March 23 2010, Americans have seen a number of changes in health coverage resulting from the Affordable Care Act. Medical Mutual can help you understand how ongoing, past and upcoming provisions may affect how you insure your employee group.

In 2010, the new Patient’s Bill of Rights became effective. This bill altered insurance industry procedures that didn’t always favor the best interests of the policyholder. As a result, 100 percent covered preventive services became available to many Americans.

In 2011, cost-free preventive services and prescription drug discounts became available to Medicare holders and home/community-related services became increasingly available to disabled individuals.

In 2012, Accountable Care Organizations have helped coordinate the efforts of health insurance providers and medical practitioners, providing patients with more efficient, effective and affordable healthcare.

In 2014, employers will see an overall increase in affordable healthcare options. New Health Insurance Exchanges will help businesses easily compare the benefits of various health plans and tax credits will become gradually more accessible.

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