At Medical Mutual, we’re committed to the health and wellness of our own employees, and we want to help your company do the same by offering top-notch health and wellness programs to improve the overall health of your employees.

Ryan McAlees, one of our small group customers, feels Medical Mutual’s wellness program is a welcome change from his company’s previous health insurance options through other carriers.

“Sometimes it seems like wellness programs can take time to get employees engaged, but participating in Medical Mutual’s program has been easy,” Ryan said. “The way our wellness program is structured is great for a small business like ours.”

We offer a variety of health and wellness resources for your employees, like our Disease and Maternity Management Program and WW® (formerly Weight Watchers) and fitness discounts. We also offer on-site health screenings, so your employees can get a snapshot of their overall health and identify specific health risks.

Ryan was pleased with how his company’s health screening was handled. “We had a great experience with the health screening. The vendor made the process of screening six remote facilities easy,” Ryan said. “They worked together with us, opening early and accommodated our schedule. We needed to minimally impact our work day to keep operations running smoothly. That was important to us.”

Learn more about how your company can benefit from Medical Mutual’s plans and products by visiting our Health and Wellness Programs & Services section.

Please note: WW is a registered trademark of WW International, Inc.