The overall health of your employees is a priority, and you need a health insurance plan that fits your business and employees’ needs to make that happen. It’s also important to choose an insurance carrier that helps you improve the overall health and profitability of your business.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a Medical Mutual plan for your business:

1. Comprehensive products

Medical Mutual offers comprehensive products to meet the needs of your employees. This includes everything from risk sharing options for small business owners, savings accounts to pair up with high deductible health plans, wellness programs to keep employees healthy and happy, various specialty products and more.

2. Strength of network

Medical Mutual offers more choices for where to get care with the SuperMed® network that includes all major health systems in Northeast Ohio. The SuperMed network serves all 88 counties with the high-quality doctors and hospitals your employees want and need.

3. Local sales and service

Since Medical Mutual employees live and work throughout Ohio, all benefits and options are tied to a local Sales and Customer Care team who are available via phone and email nearly every day of the week.

4. Health and wellness benefits

Medical Mutual plans include a comprehensive suite of programs designed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors. These wellness programs start with a health assessment to provide a baseline to help your employees better understand their health and identify risk factors for disease. Additional programs are available including the Health Resource Center on My Health Plan, fitness discounts, access to the QuitLine program for tobacco users and a WeightWatchers® reimbursement.

5. Commitment to community

At Medical Mutual, we are dedicated to making a difference in the community. This dedication starts with our customers, who we support and do business with just like they do with us. In addition, we are proud sponsors and volunteers of many great causes across the state.

Click here to learn more about group health plan options or call your broker. If you do not have a broker, we can help you find a reputable one through our broker network. Call us at (440) 878-5930.

Why Medical Mutual's Support Goes Beyond Providing a Health Benefit Plan

With offices throughout Ohio, Medical Mutual employees live, work and shop where our customers run their businesses. When you become a Medical Mutual customer through an individual or group health plan, your business is automatically enrolled in our Mutual Appreciation program, and our nearly 2,500 employees and their families become your customers. Mutual Appreciation is a customer loyalty program that encourages Medical Mutual employees to purchase products and services from our customers.

We make it easy to find you

We market your business in our monthly newsletter, weekly bulletins and intranet page. Employees can also easily search for customers based on location and business type using our mobile app and desktop database.

We help market your business

Customers are welcome to come on-site to any Medical Mutual location at any time, or join us for special events like our customer fairs, where you can offer coupons, give sample products and tell employees about your goods and services.

What it means for you

By being a customer of Medical Mutual, you have the potential to earn loyal customers just by choosing us as your health insurer. We track our employee purchases and share results with our customers so you can see the impact Medical Mutual employees have on your sales.

Employees receive rewards

This program allows our employees to support customers just as they have supported us. Every time an employee supports a customer, they earn points and special incentives are also built in to maximize participation. We run special contests and promotions every single month, and also partner with our customers on special discounts and coupons for employees.

Program successes

Since the Mutual Appreciation program started in late 2011, Medical Mutual employees have spent over $100 million with thousands of our customers throughout Ohio. The program has been well-received by employees with 90 percent voluntary participation, which equates to nearly 52,000 transactions and more than $1 million spent with customers per month on average.

To read more about Medical Mutual’s Mutual Appreciation Program and how we can support your business, click here or email Laura Dunn, Manager of Customer Marketing, at To learn more about our group health plans, call your broker or click here to find a health plan that is best for your business.

Keep Your Bottom Line Healthy

Top reasons how your employee health plan can help

From recruiting and retaining talent to saving your company tax dollars, offering health insurance benefits can be a win-win situation for both you and your employees.

Attract and retain talent

As the person responsible for choosing employee benefits, you may be considering health insurance benefits for your employees. Many companies offer health insurance for recruiting and retention purposes to make sure they are attracting the best talent for the job.

Save money

Offering health insurance benefits can help you actually save money in a couple of ways:

  1. Employers and employees pay less for health insurance when it is purchased at a group level because it is paid for with pre-tax dollars.
  2. When you or your employees contribute to premiums, health savings accounts (HSAs) and/or health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), there are even more tax benefits available.

Network access

Group health plans often have access to large networks of doctors and hospitals compared to an individual plan on the public exchange. This is really important for employees have already established care with certain caregivers and don’t want to lose these relationships through a smaller network.

A broker can help

A broker can guide you through the process and help you find the best health plan for you and your employees. If you don’t have a broker, Medical Mutual can help you find a reputable one through our broker network.

Medical Mutual has great options for you 

Medical Mutual provides flexible and affordable group health insurance plans for businesses of all sizes and industries. With one of our plans, you have access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals, local customer service, wellness programs and more. 

Click here to learn more about group health plan options or call your broker. If you do not have a broker, we can help you find a reputable one through our broker network. Call us at (440) 878-5930.